Who is Norah & Co?

Norah & Co. is… our family! Norah is the tiny one in the picture; she’s 2, she runs the show and so, *Norah* & Co. Louis is my boyfriend, partner, Norah’s dada, whatever you want to call him (no, *gasp*, we’re not married). And I am Gena.

We’re young, newly graduated from university, moved to a new city, started new jobs, bought a house, had a baby… all in the same year. What were we thinking?

When Louis and I met, it was only 9 months later that we came back from a celebratory trip to Ireland and I had a funny feeling… I took “a test”, and 9 months after that, Norah Jane was born. It was beautiful and confusing and jolting, and still is.

Now, Norah is TWO years old and we’re all settling more and more into our roles as parents, partners, and growing baby. Snuggles, blowouts, food strikes, giggles, first words, long nights… we’re in it for the long haul!

What is Norah & Co?

Norah & Co. is here for the “me, too!” in all of this, from the perspective of the full time working mom. Because as if being a mom wasn’t enough on its own, why not work 40 additional hours on top of that?

I became a mom and stayed home for the first 18 months and I “loved” it. Quotes because I love my daughter, watching her grow, and I love being able to focus my whole self on her, but quotes also because… staying home isn’t for everyone and *that’s okay*. We are not bad moms, or better moms, or guilty. This is just another perspective.

So, when I say “from the perspective of the full time working mom”, it’s coming from someone who’s been on both sides of the journey, seen the benefits and trials of both, and who can offer experiences, tips and tricks for wherever you’re at on the path. Regardless, together, we’re gonna make it.

Want to “listen” to this blog?

Hmmm… an idea I’ve been tossing around – do you think these ideas are better fitted to the format of a PODCAST or is that how you would prefer to consume this info? Please: comment or contact me so I know!